Making Money in the RPG Business

tons of dice for pip to hit on!

I just listened to an interesting podcast from the “Don’t Split The Podcast Network” called (and you can click on this link) “Making Money in the RPG Business“, featuring James Introcaso (the host) with game designer (guests) Rob Schwalb of Schwalb Entertainment and Teos Abadia of Alphastream. If you’re thinking of making money in the tabletop gaming industry, this is a good place to start, as Rob and Teos know the ins and outs of being profitable in TRPGs.

Some of the things Funmunitions is doing that they recommend?

  1. Self-publishing to avoid the need for percentage-cuts of profits…
  2. Never lying to the fan base – don’t promise things that you can’t deliver on! Apparently this can happen via the Kickstarter model of game design, where authors promise more and more “freebies” to their fans..
  3. They recommended scaling-back your product – making it less time-intensive to create – but that’s NEVER going to happen here!
  4. They pay artists, editors, layout experts, graphic designers – and I’m sure their products show this level of professionalism – but we at Funmunitions take the opposite approach – we use our deficiency in these areas to our advantage – we ask the customers to help us find editing errors (and we reward them for doing so) – we do our own art (hence Pip was born) – and we embrace a far-less serious “feel” to our products.

But please do check out the podcast – and best of luck making money writing and designing your own TRPGs! Remember – we’re ALWAYS happy to promote your creations in the Funmunitions Forums located here: Ye Old Soapbox. Please also see:

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