The Cinematic System

“What the @#$% is all this!?” Good question Mr. Trope! These are the chapters of “The Cinematic System” (which for some reason is usually italicized), a Tabletop Role-Playing Game (TRPG) System. This product and all of its chapters is “Open Game Content” as defined by the Open Game License, version 1.0a and draws from the Revised (v.3.5) System Reference Document. All other significant characters (such as Pip The Dragonoid), names, places, elements, items, artwork, and text herein are copyrighted by Funmunitions. All rights reserved. Just so we’re clear, NO part of the Cinematic System is associated with “The d20 System Trademark License” (D20STL). We’re just not that awesome.

The innovative game mechanics of the Cinematic System can be used along with just about any other Tabletop Role-Playing Game in the Universe. We encourage you to read through our tomes and to let them spark your imagination! Maybe you will be inspired to use some of our ideas in your games?

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The Chapters of the Cinematic System [you can click on the titles..]

Introduction, Assumptions, Props

Cinematic Special Points

Cinematic Hit Points (C.H.P.)

Creating a Character: Stats and Sub-Stats

Kicking Ass: Fighting Styles and Weapon Skills

Background Skills

Standard Skills

Quarks and Character Background Stories

Cinematic Character Classes

Cinematic Character Sheets

Final Thoughts on Character Generation

Cinematic XP Techniques

The Junk Drawer

The Combat Section