Standard Skills

Standard Skills

(Because we just couldn’t resist adding more skills)

In the MANY thousands of hours of play-testing the Cinematic System, we slowly added a set of 53 additional skills that could be integrated in the class skills of Cinematic characters and their character classes. These we simply labeled Standard Skills as a means to differentiate them from Background Skills and Weapon Skills.

Standard skills work just like any other kind of class skill characters might have.

Several of the standard skills were added to provide more “skills of sensory perception”, such as general perception, intuit distance, memory, smell, taste, timesense, and touch. Quite a few standard skills evolved as we rewrote the base character classes, such as perform (weapon display) and administration. Nine of the skills were added to give players even more options for improving their character’s base stats: body building (Strength), common sense (for Wisdom), coordination exercises (Dexterity), endurance training (Constitution), personal hygiene (Comeliness), reading (Intelligence), running (Speed), self esteem (no hyphen – for Charisma), and superstition development (for Luck). These all provide certain numbers of stat points based on how many ranks a character achieves in them. Some of the standard skills are class abilities that were morphed into skills during play-testing, such as bardic knowledge, wild empathy, and tracking. Other standard skills are resurrected, revived, and retooled skills from other game systems.

The standard skills we are most proud of evolved as completely unique concepts to gaming (so we believe..), including…well…you will have to check out the 45 page Cinematic Standard Skills document to see for yourself. We’ve included a handy table which summarizes all the 53 Standard Skills at the beginning of that document. If you can’t control the urge (hint), please do explore them here (you can click on it): Cinematic Standard Skills.


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