Cinematic Sub-Stats

Pips encountered in the dungeon

Sub-Stats are detailed personality characteristics for characters in tabletop role-playing games. Sub-Stats come in two flavors: Beneficial and Non-Beneficial. This supplement provides 200 Beneficial and 200 Non-Beneficial Sub-Stats to enhance your role-playing possibilities. Characters have an equal number of Beneficial and Non-Beneficial Sub-Stats, and can work over time to improve certain Sub-Stats while overcoming certain other ones (providing a sense of character growth).

You could use Sub-Stats in just about any Role-Playing Game, but they do work best when combined with the rest of the Cinematic System Rules (especially the sections on Cinematic Special Points and Quarks). Even if you didn’t use the actual 3.5 inspired game mechanics we provide for Sub-Stats, simply having a pair of d200 tables for personality characteristics would benefit any campaign or creative writing project.

Just in case this helps, we’re offering this product in .pdf and .docx; if you’d like a different file format please let us know!

If you have any questions about Sub-Stats, we would be happy to answer them here:                                 

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