Cinematic System Character Sheets v1.0

pip crowding the character sheet with loot

This product contains the MASSIVE, 14 page Cinematic System Character Sheet Bundle .pdf for your reading pleasure – complete with all the bells and whistles (and wands of uber-chaos..) that the Cinematic rule-set adds to gaming. The individual pages break down as follows…

  • Page 1 – StatsThe classic front page sheet for all 9 Cinematic base stats, saving throws, etc.
  • Page 2 – Skills: With all the skills in the Cineamtic rules, it was hard to fit them into this page!
  • Page 3 – Background Skills: This utilitarian page is useful during Cineamtic character generation, allowing you to record the bonuses from various ranks in Background Skills.
  • Page 4 – Weapon Skills: This page includes room for Weapon Groups, and all the advantagers of Cineamtic weapon skill ranks.
  • Page 5 – Class Abilities: This page could be generically useful to any RPG with character classes.
  • Page 6 – Feats: A whole sheet for feats, because you’ll need it if you use the Cineamtic rules.
  • Page 7 – Special Points: Each and every delicious variety of Cineamtic special points is included here, including places to record your “Dice!” awards.
  • Page 8 – Sub-Stats: This sheet is fairly specific to the Cinematic System’s special Sub-Stat rules.
  • Page 9 – Quarks (Positive and Negative): Depending on how many + or – Quarks your character has, you may need to print 2 or three of these sheets!
  • Page 10 – Neutral Quarks and Background Elements: This is the perfect companion to the Neutral Quarks, and contains a whole host of additional character background ideas.
  • Page 11 – Inventory: This page is damn useful to any RPG with loot-obsessed PCs.
  • Page 12 – Spells and Psionics: This sheet is generic for all kinds of “Powers” by level.
  • Page 13 – Kill Listing: What character sheet for ANY RPG doesn’t need this!?
  • Page 14 – Extra Sheet: Mainly to just wack trees – but also to record the random shit your characters encounter.

This one is free (as all character sheets SHOULD be!), but if you have any questions, comments, concerns, ideas, inspirations, hateful critiques, etc. please do let us know here:     

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