Cinematic System Core Rules v1.1

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This is the core of the Cinematic System rule set, 92 pages of innovations deriving from the 3.5 SRD (System Resource Document), a tome we’ve been writing ever since 2009. Within these pages, you will find rules and ideas for using Cinematic Special Points, Cinematic Hit Points (C.H.P.), Cinematic Sub-Stats, Special Fighting Styles and Weapon Skills, Cinematic Background Skills, Cinematic Standard Skills, Quarks and Character background Stories, Cinematic Character Classes, Innovative methods for awarding XP, Unique Magic and Psionics rules, and MUCH more.

If you’ve heard about the Cinematic System, this is your first step in exploring a unique array of old-school, home-brew, 3.5 House Rules developed over more than a decade of game play – all designed to make your characters more interesting, more survivable, and easier to role-play.

This text will ALWAYS remain free, because we want to share these ideas with the universe. If you enjoy this work, please consider exploring the products that were designed to work with the Cinematic System Core Rules (linked above).

“Because sometimes, a ton of failures can result in something fantastic and unexpected. We hope you enjoy the wonderful mistakes we’ve made within these pages!”

As always, if you EVER have any questions about this product, you can ask them to the Funmunitions web site (Forums or comments here), or to this email address: 

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