Cinematic System Feats v1.0

feat generating pip cousin!

Just in case you need 500 EXTRA FEATS for your fantasy role-playing game, this supplement has your back. Even if you aren’t a fan of 7/2 Drunks and Draconians like systems (even if you don’t use feats in your Shared Fantasies), this massive compilation of rules is littered with gaming innovations.

This Uber-Gigantic, 118 page tome has really poor illustrations, but fairly awesome tables and summaries of the 500 EXTRA FEATS. If your GM doesn’t let you use these feats, we encourage you to beg, bribe, and argue your way into them.

This product works best with the rest of the Cinematic System rules (as it references things like Cinematic Special Points, Cinematic Stats and Sub-Stats, Cinematic Weapon Skills, etc.), but it could be adopted by any gaming group interested in augmenting their fantasy characters with new and unusual FEATS.

As always, if you EVER have any questions about this product, you can ask them to the Funmunitions web site (Forums or comments here), or to this email address:

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