Cinematic Weapon Skills v1.0

An armed two-headed Pipling

The Cinematic System has three basic kinds of skills: Background Skills (the skills character developed growing up), Standard Skills (their class skills..), and Weapon Skills (the martial version of class skills). Thus, instead of relying on feats to improve a character’s skill with weapons, in the Cinematic System each kind of weapon or armor is treated like a skill – if you want your character to excel in katana, you put ranks in the weapon skill katana. If you want to know how to use leather armor properly, you put ranks in the weapon skill leather armor.  It is also possible to learn tight and broad groups of weapons and armor using Weapon Skills.

This product allows for a dramatic improvement in weapon skill development: the more ranks characters have in weapons, the more these qualities improve:

  • Attacks per round..
  • Weapon “speed factor”..
  • The “threat range” of the weapon..
  • Bonuses to hit and damage..
  • The range of the weapon..
  • Special weapon abilities and qualities..
  • And these are but a sample!

Improving a skill in armor potentially improves just about everything to do with wearing it – the armor bonus, the time it takes to put it on, how bulky it feels, how well it resists critical hits, damage reduction, etc.

Using Weapon Skills adds a hyper-unique level of customization to characters in fantasy RPG settings. This supplement offers 74 Detailed Pages of weapon skills and their descriptions, all arranged in colorful, easy-to-read tables and decorated with various incarnations of Pip the Dragonoid. We know you and your players will love it.

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