d5000 Conditional Fate Points v1.1

d5000 pip image

The Cinematic System offers a wide range of unique game mechanics that can be dropped into just about any game world, campaign, RPG system, or creative/writing project. This product provides a whopping d5000 table for rolling random “Conditional Fate Points” for Cinematic characters. It can be used to give the DM/GM some ideas on awarding conditional fate points, to arm starting characters with a set of special points, or just to boost the imagination of authors and game masters. For example, you might use this table to help you design a random magic item in one of your games..

We invite you to create your own additions to this massive d5000 conditional fate point table, and we’d love to see what you come up with!

Please do see the chapter on  Cinematic Special Points (you can click on that title..), which will explain exactly what the @#$% this is. 

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