Pip The Dragonoid’s Random Dragon Generator (version 1.0)

For no reason whatsoever ($), we designed this Generator with the intent that it would be used to create highly-unique “Dragonoids” to challenge, taunt, frustrate, devour, digest, and intrigue PCs (player characters) – as well as their players – in any tabletop role-playing game system YOU see fit. This is therefore a tool for storytellers: Game Masters, Dungeon Masters, spinners of Shared Fantasies (Props to Gary Alen Fine, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gary_Alan_Fine), anyone interested in running a game or writing interactive fiction.

This 38 page supplement contains 8 random generation tables, including..

  1. a [d20 table] for determining the Age Category of the dragon,
  2. a [d100 table] for identifying the dragon’s Home Terrain,
  3. a [d1,000 table] for determining the dragon’s Breath Weapon Type,
  4. a [d30 table] for setting the dragon’s Breath Weapon Timing,
  5. a [d20 table] for creating the dragon’s Breath Weapon Configuration,
  6. a [d100 table] of Basic Body Types for the dragon,
  7. a [d100 table] of Extra Morphological Characteristics for the dragon,
  8. a [d100 table] for figuring out the dragon’s Treasure Preference.

Thus, there are more than 1,200,000,000,000,000 unique Dragonoids waiting to be created using this generator – especially considering the number of sub-tables embedded in each of the 8 random tables! Even if you aren’t necessarily interested in dragons, the rich content of this supplement (especially in regard to the 1,000 types of breath weapons…) has wide applicability to tabletop gaming, to adventure creation, to fiction writing, etc.

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