Quarks Positive and Negative v1.1

hyper-random-possibility Quark Pip

This INSANELY GIGANTIC supplement (6+ years in development) is a whopping 452 pages of single-spaced gaming awesomeness, with 388,985 words, 1.893 MILLION characters, and an unprecedented 364 Sub-Tables (subsumed within the d100 Positive Quarks and d100 Negative Quarks Main-Tables).

If you wanted to roll on each of these sub-tables, you would need to roll the following dice: 2d4 + 1d6 + 2d10 + 12d12 + 128d20 + 13d24 + 79d30 + 1d40 + 8d50 + 102d100 + 13d200 + 2d300 + 1d800

What can you do with all this delicious RANDOMNESS? You can randomly generate the MOST interesting, unique, engaging, and detailed character backgrounds EVER in the history of gaming. You do this by rolling pairs of Positive and Negative Quarks – the good things and bad things that happened to your character as they were growing up and training to be the treasure hunting bad-asses they are today. Roll one set, or 10 sets – whatever is required to flesh-out your character’s background story. Lurking in the Quark tables are entries both amazing and deadly – unusual powers and abilities as well as crippling ailments and nightmarish experiences. How deep will you dare delve into the Quarks? We leave that to you.

We estimate that with two Positive Quarks and two Negative Quarks rolled on our expansive tables (what we recommend as the minimum to build a character background), the odds of getting the same exact rolls would be something like 1 in 97,679,063,832. [please do check our math!]

Even if you aren’t interested in creating fun histories for fantasy characters, you could use all this structured-randomness as sources of inspiration – as wellsprings of ideas for your campaigns and writing projects, as the basis for creating new magical items, as ideas for new plotlines and starting points for an infinite number of narratives. Imagine the stories that lie waiting in these pages – consider the works of fiction they could inspire and inform!

This product was crafted to function with all the other components of the Cinematic System, but especially with the d1000 Neutral Quarks (these are free and but a fraction of the kind of content we’re offering here).

As always, if you EVER have any questions about this product, you can ask them to the Funmunitions web site (Forums or comments here), or to this email address: funmunitions@gmail.com 

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