About Us

Funmunitions was inspired by H.G.Wells and his early 20th Century book ¬†“Little Wars: A Game for Boys from twelve years of age to one hundred and fifty¬†and for that more intelligent sort of girl who likes boys’ games and books”. We’ve come a long way since then (in terms of women’s rights, civil rights, etc.), but we humans still make ACTUAL WAR on each other, all the time.

Just as H.G. offered his Kriegspiel-like game of tin soldiers and fired-rubber-bands, his “little war” as a substitute for “Big War”, Funmunitions will make every attempt to keep people at the game table and off the battlefield. Polyhedral dice are far cheaper than actual weapons or even individual bullets – they cause fun instead of suffering (usually).

Our company is dedicated to having fun, promoting kindness, and generally helping the world to chill out and game more. We embrace a concept we call “Gaming Relativity”: that there is no “best” or “better” way of playing games, that all games are equally valid and worthy of playing at least once until we finally take our last roll in the game of life.


Pip is hungry…for love!

We intend to sell games of all kinds. We intend to teach people how to play games. We intend to sponsor creativity and to help you have as much fun as you can.

You will notice our “Official Monster” running around these web pages – hisher name is Pip and her species is “Turquoise Dragonoid” (known to breathe polyhedral damage). Pip is bit kinky and is known to polymorph into alternate forms as a means to impress pretty dice and handsome figurines. Pip is a mighty 5 years old, which in Dragonoid years is…we have no idea.

If you have questions for Pip, the owner of Funmunitions (Subcommandante Mike Van Ness), or about anything we do (or COULD be doing if we were smart enough!), please email us here: funmunitions@gmail.com

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